Standard Doors

Our range of standard doors include; large electrically operated wide rolling doors, small walk through personnel doors and roller/shutter doors.

Walk Through DoorsWalk Through Doors. With or without panic latches. Single, Double, Office Doors.

Walk through personnel doors 2.1m high are insulated and can have panic bars. Your warehouse can also have part glazed architectural aluminium framed entrance doors.

Roller Shutter Roll Up DoorsRoller Shutter Roll Up Doors. Up to 5m x 5m. Electric or Manual.

Roller/ shutterdoors provide economic vehicle entrances to your storage warehouse.


Rolling DoorsRolling Doors. Top hung or bottom rolling. Any size, insulated or not.

Rolling doors are suitable for bigger openings and can be insulated.


Sectional Overhead DoorsSectional Overhead Doors. Electric or manual. With or without vision panels.



Hangar DoorsHangar Doors. Electric or Manual. Multiple Track and Slab

Very wide, very high openings are best achieved with multi-slab multi-track Aircraft Hangar doors. Can be manually or electrically operated.


Fabric DoorsFabric Doors. Plastic Curtain Doors. Various Proprietary Doors.

Fabric doors, plastic doors and curtains may be fitted to your storage warehouse.