Making a Successful Hangar – Part 2

Tell us: how wide the clear opening of the hangar is; how big the largest aircraft that will use the hangar is; whether there is additional width outside the hangar for outriggers; and we can advise you on the best possible hangar door option. For most types of hangars we recommend either bottom rolling doors or fabric doors, but other door options are available.

Bottom Rolling Doors

We design and fit a number of different door slab and track configurations for crossover or outrigger doors, including wide slabs to suit your hangar usage.
Other information is available

Other Types of Hangar Doors

If required we can also supply vertical lift doors, folding shutter doors, tailgate or fuselage openings.

Personnel and Vehicle Doors

We can design, manufacture and fit a variety of additional doors for your hangar suitable for most applications. Our range of different industrial doors and architectural doors includes; thesholdless doors, departure and arrival doors, sliding doors, roller shutter doors, panic doors and office doors. Other information is available.

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