Hangar Build Styles

simple aircraft hangar

Simple Hangar. Span up to 60m
Simple Steel Portal Framed Buildings are ideal for small hangars up to 65m span. Tied Portals may be stretched to 85m. Multispan and propped portals can go to any span.


segmental tied aircraft hangar

Segmental Tied Hangar. Span up to 200m or more
Bigger Aircraft Hangars can be made of REIDsteel Segmental Tied trusses able to span up to 200m or more.


glove aircraft hangarGlove Hangar
Economy can be obtained with “Glove” Hangars where the span and the doors are made to fit a specific aircraft and the nose/fuselage front half of the hangar is reduced in size. It’s a little cheaper to heat or cool. But remember: no-one has ever said “I made this hangar too big!”.

spine truss aircraft hangarSpine Truss Hangar
In the case of very short, wide hangars a spine truss may be cost effective.


cantilever aircraft hangarCantilever Hangar
Cantilever hangars are ideal for future extension. They can be as long as you need – a kilometre or so! But you need a substantial office/workshop zone behind as counterweight.


butterfly aircraft hangarButterfly Hangar
Butterfly hangars need an apron both sides. They can be made as a spine truss hangar or a cantilevered hangar. The cantilevered design makes for a very efficient hangar.