Design and Construction

Patented Systems

Our V-brace tied portal system allows us to produce much lighter, stiffer roofs under gravity loads than those used by existing competition. Less weight means reduced steel costs and cheaper foundations.

Fabrication led design saves time and money

From the moment our designers start conceptual design, they are minimising fabrication and shipping costs. By generating designs with our on-site fabricators in mind, we can produce structures with the same functionality and aesthetics at a significantly cheaper price.

Unique software without dependency

We were one of the first companies to adopt computer aided design, even producing our own software packages. Our continual software development allows us to remain up to date and gives us an edge over our competitors.

Strong and adaptable

We are able to design and build some of the largest clear spanning structures in the world, for for most environments and to accommodate any size aircraft. Our hangars can also be designed to include overhead traveling cranes, office/workshop space and a number of manually or electrically operated doors. Our hangars exist in dozens of countries spanning six continents. They have endured earthquakes, hurricanes and vehicular impact, often surviving forces far in excess of
their design criteria.