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Hoveraid Hangar

Western Zambezi

With an ability to travel over water and land there are some places in the world were a hovercraft is the ideal form of mechanised transport.

This small hangar was built for Hoveraid, a humanitarian charity based in the UK and the Netherlands. A very small construction the design features a full length, static ridge vent with cowl and bird mesh and five louvres for cooling. The double doors are side hung with fully open capability.

There are 1m deep translucents along the full length of both sides for natural lighting.

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Island Aeroplanes

Sandown, Isle of Wight

This hangar built at Sandown on the Isle of Wight, has been used as a museum with all of the original aircraft flown over from Germany within 3 months of REIDsteel starting on site.

Some of the aircraft on show included a replica Bleriot (which took us back to our 1920s hangars in France), a Fokker DR1, a De Havilland Tiger Moth and Dragon Rapide, a short haul biplane passenger aircraft.

Due to the restrictions on site, the Client’s Agent, Mr Terry Warren, arrived at the innovative solution of providing single sided outriggers so that a complete opening could be achieved. In addition, it was also decided to provide large areas of translucent wall panels to provide an even diffusion of light throughout the museum.

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Flying Services Hangar Sandown

Sandown Airport, Isle of Wight

The Specialist Flying School was completed in 1997 and accommodates
400m2 of hangar area, 200m2 for lounge/classroom and administrationcomplete with 120m2 of residential rooms.

The hangar area is accessed by a galvanised folding shutter door and the building is insulated to provide comfort for the residents.

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Matercraft Europe

Isle of Man

A small, private hangar for a client in the Isle of Man. The hangar design
includes some translucent wall panels for natural lighting and two REIDsteel roller shutter doors at the back of the hangar.

Designs were drawn up for two options for the hangar door: an 8 slab rolling door on 4 tracks; and the chosen option – a concertina sliding shutter door.
The hangar roof features all round edge protection for safe maintenance with easy access via a cat ladder on the side of the hangar.

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Silverstar Aviation Hangar

Blackpool Airport, UK

Reidsteel designed, manufactured, supplied and erected this insulated
general aviation hangar for Silver Star Aviation which included a 2 storey
office block.

We also supplied the manually operated 3 slab Reid sliding hangar door running on 3 tracks as well as a number of Reid steel personnel doors.

This is one of a number of hangars supplied by us at Blackpool airport.

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Biggin Hill Museum Hangar

Biggin Hill, UK

Biggin Hill Museum with Doug ArnoldMuseum Hangar for ex-spitfire
pilot Doug Arnold who wanted to
house his collection of vintage
aircraft which included a Mk9
Spitfire, Mustang P41 and
Vought F4U-5 Corsair.

The hangar is 9m high x 45m wide x 60m long and clad in double skin sheeting with
translucents in the roof for some natural lighting.

The bottom rolling doors and four personnel doors were REIDsteel designs.

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Surrey Air Ambulance Hangar

Cranleigh, Surrey, UK

Surrey Air Ambulance in Dunsfold Park has been providing a Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) and air ambulance service to the people who live, work and travel through the county of Surrey since 2007.

From here, the Air Ambulance can can reach emergency situations in any part of Surrey within 15 minutes. Following the allocation of a strategically located plot at Dunsfold Park; John Reid & Sons Ltd (Reidsteel), together with a team consisting of Rutland (Cranleigh) Ltd, Fothergill & Associates and Hobart Paving Company (amongst others), set about designing a new aircraft hangar for this ‘Front-line’ Client. Their REIDsteel helicopter hangar spans 16m x 16m, and is 6m high at the eaves and Reidsteel designed, supplied and erected all structural steelwork and cladding, plus the six slab, three track, manually operated, sliding slab hangar doors, which provide a clear entrance 12m wide by 5m high.

The hangar consisted of an insulated double skin cladding system on the roof to help combat condensation forming on the underside and then dripping down on top of the valuable and essential equipment stored inside, with uninsulated single skin cladding on the walls and doors to keep costs to an absolute minimum.

Key to the swift delivery of the building into the hands of the Client was good, safe and considerate on site coordination to enable each trade to undertake their element of the works as efficiently as possible. The level of commitment from all parties was paramount to the successful completion of the project and the end result demonstrates the degree of attention to detail that was administered in every aspect.

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